Alejandro Sie started performing at the age of six. His childhood was spent between Spain and the US, following his parents’ careers as touring flamenco dancers. An extremely musically gifted child, he discovered the cajón (the flamencopercussive box) at 16, while living in Spain, quickly becoming a virtuoso player after being taken under the wing of Ramón Porrina, the famous Spanish flamenco cajón player. In those years, he performed flamenco cajón in Madrid with La Tati, David Amaya, El Cigala, Maria de Toledo, Antonio Reyes, Domingo Ortega and various other famous flamenco performers, and acted in a number of theater plays. He returned to dance, which he had put aside to concentrate on cajón and acting, in 2007. He moved back to Chicago to join Soul & Duende, his parents’ Chicago-based flamenco company, in 2009. Since then, he has choreographed works that combine flamenco dance with theater and poetry and become Soul & Duende’s artistic director. Since 2007 he has participated in every Taste of Chicago and Soul & Duende event, as well as events with other flamenco performers in Chicago, becoming, in the process, a key player in the Chicago flamenco scene. In the last couple of years he has also collaborated with great jazz musicians all over Chicago on cajón, and danced flamenco with outstanding classical pianists Eugenia Cheng and George Lepauw in venues all over the city.