Claire Molek is a Chicago-based curator who specializes in working with emerging contemporary artists as well as producing small and large-scale art events. She began her career working for Tony Fitzpatrick, and then opened a quickly celebrated store-front apartment gallery in 2009 with now filmmaker Erin Babbin and food artist Nick Jirasek, called This Is Not The Studio. She went on to open and run pop-up Hauser Gallery in 2012 with photographer Marc Hauser and later founded and directed Brave New Art World, an interdisciplinary, widely attended art walk which paired galleries with food and beverage companies, brought guerrilla performers and installations into the street, and celebrated our togetherness within the industry, throughout 2013. She now works primarily as a project, art and industry consultant, as well as an independent curator/dealer, and is in the process of launching a new business called Art Wing. She is known throughout Chicago and in the media as a local darling, a ball-busting iconoclast, industry innovator, guerrilla curator, facilitator, and all around support system for young artists.

Claire Molek is presenting artists Nick Nes Knowlton and Banrei at Top Floor Art Nights’ Chicago debut.

Photograph by: Ping Wu