Kay Kron is a poet/actor with a sweet tooth for crochet. She played Wendy in Lookingglass Theater’s production of Peter Pan (2012), has worked extensively as a writer and performer with Redmoon, and will be making her third appearance later this year as July of the Seven Foxes in The House Theatre’s trilogy, The Crownless King. Her work with Rough House began when she played Allana in Into the Uncanny Valley in 2010. Since then, she co-wrote Constance and the Perpetual Motion Machine, in which she will be playing the title character. In terms of poetry, she coaches a team for Louder than a Bomb, Chicago’s citywide youth poetry festival, and teaches through Chicago Slam Works. The other day she placed fourth in the 2012 Ontario International Poetry Slam. In terms of crochet, she has made many, many doilies.