In constant pursuit of the sun while embracing its inherent shadows, this daughter of two Europes reflects today on canvas, from the other side of the ocean, her journey so far.

Oana Lauric was born in Romania, lived and studied in Paris, France for a decade and is currently working in her studio in Boston MA, USA.

She holds a French Architect degree and a Romanian Fine Arts Baccalaureate.

She worked as an architect and a designer for several years in France and the USA, and in 2001 was finally able to dedicate her life to painting.

In her own words:

“Everything changes, nothing stays the same. This is particularly evident in old European towns and cities, where centuries pile on top of each other, and shadows from the past intermingle with the present… where each building, wall, window with a thousand love-and-blood stories to tell, leans gently toward the ground to share a whisper.

They create the spaces that define our humanity.”

While capturing and magnifying colors, light and textures in her canvases, Oana Lauric’s signature style also reveals an intimate connection with architectural form, as she explores the impact of the built environment on our psyche.

Her work transforms our understanding of the city landscape, signals the power of our built surroundings, aiming to raise our expectations in that regard.

“We are shaped by these spaces as much as we shape them!”